ObamaCare: Q&A for Employers

Since its signing by President Obama, there has been much debate about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Visit our page for more information on this timely topic.

Worry-Free Payroll

Full Service Payroll, a powerful HR Suite, benefits and workers compensation solutions that allow you to focus on the important thing….YOUR BUSINESS.

Meet Solex

Payroll is one of the most personal processes that any business can perform. Why trust it to some impersonal financial factory or risk your business with someone who might not have the necessary horse power? Meet Solex Payroll Systems, Inc. At Solex we’ll take care of your paychecks.

Benefits & HR

Small business owner… A.K.A. Jack-of-all-trades. Meet Solex Payroll Systems. We’r here to take the load off by providing a one-stop solution for hiring, paying, retaining, protecting and enhancing your team. Choose well.

Payroll & Taxes

Some payroll companies want to get you to outsource your non-productive business processes. At Solex Payroll Systems, our mission is eliminating the payroll and tax headache for our busy business friends. You’ve got a business to run, let Solex Payroll Systems help.


The user-friendly software makes entering new employees easy, as well as maintaining and updating current employee profiles. If there is ever a question, the Solex staff is extremely helpful and responsive. No email or phone call has ever gone unanswered.

Bill Donovan

Dunkin Donuts Franchise Partner