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A Hiring Advantage

In a marketplace where 7% of the workforce may have a criminal conviction, where 37% may have falsified their educational experience, and where 30% may have lied about their previous employment, information about potential employees must be validated.

EasyChoice Employment Screening is powered by First Advantage, a national leader in employee screening. We offer a web-based solution that is designed to take the hassle out of the hiring process.

You’ll feel more secure knowing that our product avoids a trap of many competing products that impart on their users serious legal liability. Many screening products on today’s market only perform a national database search, which opens the door for an inaccurate report if the subject committed a crime or misdemeanor in a local jurisdiction that doesn’t report to a national database. EasyChoice Employment Screening eliminates this negative exposure by physically sending a representative to the courthouse in the subject’s community to have the pertinent records reviewed. We brought you EasyChoice Employment Screening because we wanted you to have one of the safest products in the industry.

You can select from a complete range of advanced, tailor-made searches based upon specific employee profiles such as driver, money handler or general services. It’s simple and fast. Best of all, searches begin at less than fifty dollars.

Services Include:

  • ApplicantScreen Web ordering and results tools
  • Business verification and site inspection to protect against identity theft
  • Tax consulting review for federal location-based tax credit eligibility
  • Subscription to the Screening Advantage monthly newsletter
  • FCRA information, compliance support and documents
  • Information on developing a drug-free workplace policy
  • Special pricing for existing drug and alcohol policy review

Note: Online enrollment costs $110 (a one time cost) and includes the cost of an in-person site visit (to prevent fraud). Once you receive a positive site assessment you’re able to run searches for any new hire. You can pay the enrollment and search fee with any major credit card. Enrollment with site assessment typically takes 5-10 business days.