HR Information Portal

Running a business has many challenges. Managing your employees is one of the more important challenges you face.  With Solex Payroll’s HR Online Tools you get access to the tools and resources you need to successfully navigate the HR waters.  HR Online is an application accessible 24×7 that helps you with all your important HR forms and questions.  Developed by HR professionals, these tools and resources save you time and money by eliminating the need to do research or develop materials on your own.  When coupled with the HR On Demand services, HR professionals will help customize the templates for your business.

HR Support Center is a great solution. Get your business up to HR speed with our Employee Handbook, pre-written HR Forms & Letters, Job Descriptions and required HR forms. In addition, we’ll provide you with a Q&A database, news, articles and a glossary of HR terms. Best of all, the information comes without unnecessary fluff. It’s focused, helpful, and to the point. Perfect for a busy small business owner.

Some of the many tools available to you include:

  • HR Forms & Letters
  • Job Descriptions
  • HR Q&A Database
  • Employee Handbook
  • Access to data on HR Laws and Articles