Online Employer HR Tools

Solex Payroll does more than just payroll and taxes. We offer businesses a full HRIS system to help them manage critical employee information.  It is your one source for all employee data stored securely in Solex Payroll’s online HRIS system.

From the moment a new employee is set up, the system automatically tracks their benefits eligibility, workers’ compensation pay as you go premiums, as well as 401(k) eligibility and matches.  Solex Payroll prepares electronic reporting to workers’ compensation carriers and 401(k) retirement companies, removing the employer from the reporting of time sensitive information.

Files and documents such as I-9 or performance appraisals can be uploaded for storage and included in the employee’s work history.  Now you can have one location for the storage of:

  • Demographics
  • I-9 and W-4 forms
  • Certifications, skills and training
  • Reviews, salary changes, benefits

Our Employee Self Service component tracks employee information such as paid time off accruals, salaries, reviews, raises, skills, education and emergency contacts. Clients can also electronically store resumes, photos and other documents.

Solex Payroll conducts open enrollments for benefits via the web based enrollment. Clients are relieved of the time consuming task of entering employee benefits data. Solex Payroll carrier connectivity portal powered by Benefit Focus allows data to be shared with over 500 insurance carriers. Administration of core benefits, cafeteria plans/voluntary plans and customer & employee self service are all components of our benefits administration.

Let Solex Payroll reduce your administrative burden with our comprehensive employee management tools and implement an effective employee management system.