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It used to be that processing payroll required only an IRS tax table.  Unfortunately, today it’s not so simple. Solex Payroll Systems provides you with a payroll process that’s both quick and efficient.  Each pay period, you simply submit payroll data to us in the method you choose and we do the rest. We’ll generate the direct deposits, paychecks, garnishment checks, and savings deposits for your employees and provide you with our detailed payroll journals and management reports.

Let’s face it, nobody truly enjoys taxes. With Solex Payroll Systems Tax-Filing we take care of paying all Federal, State and Local Taxes and file the required quarterly and annual reports on your behalf.

Check Sign & Insertion:
If you’d like we can even sign all your employee’s paychecks electronically, saving you the hassle of hand-signing or stamping each individual check.  We can also print your company logo on each check, and insert each check or voucher into its own envelope to ensure security and confidentiality.

Vacation & Sick Time
Many companies track vacation and sick taken and due to their employees through their payroll.  We can track the time taken by each employee, and we can track the balances of both their vacation and sick time. We can even use a custom tracking method should your company have a specific accrual formula.