Direct Deposits

If you’ve ever run to the bank to deposit a paycheck, or waited for a check to clear, you understand the power of EasyChoice® Direct Deposit. On payday your employees know their money is instantly available. As an employer you can reconcile your payroll account the same day, without waiting for checks to clear.

With EasyChoice Direct Deposit, employees designate the accounts in which they want their pay deposited. Then, each period’s pay is automatically deposited into their choice of multiple checking, savings, or retirement accounts. Employees receive a pay voucher showing the amounts deposited, and you receive a detail of transactions each pay period.

Benefits Include:

  • Employees know their money is in the bank every payday
  • Off-site employees are guaranteed timely access to their pay
  • No need for rush payroll deliveries and costly mail charges
  • Improved security with no lost checks
  • Clears all funds automatically on payday for same-day reconciliation
  • No check signing
  • Use with payroll cards for a 100% electronic solution