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Online Report Writer

Need to manage department allocation while managing projects based time spent by employees? Online Employer has several dozen standard reports to manage personnel, benefit information or time and attendance. With our report writing capabilities, you can create custom reports on-line or export data into Microsoft Excel to send reports to your accountant or other 3rd party service providers that may not have access to your company information on line.


Viewchoice Online Reports

Eliminate filing cabinets and endless mounds of paper payroll reports with ViewChoice!

ViewChoice offers ultimate convenience at your fingertips. ViewChoice is an online reporting module that allows you to download a copy of every payroll report, check stub, W-2, 1099, earning record and payroll tax return processed for the period. You now have a complete historical copy of your payrolls electronically.

Regardless of the size of your payroll, ViewChoice offers many conveniences. Even if you manage payroll for more than one organization, you can switch from one company to another with a click of the mouse. You can also search and sort your records by company, employee, or report type—making it easy to find the information you need, when you need it. You can even specify a certain date range to provide employee check history for a designated timeframe. Create PDF(portable document format) files of any payroll report or check stub and send them instantly to employees, accountants, tax authorities, and others who may need payroll information immediately. Best of all, there is no difficult setup or training needed to download payroll reports or checks online even for your very next payroll.

Benefits Include:

  • Replaces paper reports and eliminate extensive paper storage
  • Backup copy in case hardcopy reports are unavailable
  • Reprint W-2s, live checks, vouchers or reports right away and in your office
  • Annual from-to check history is available for any period, for any employee
  • Export information from ViewChoice to a PDF file
  • Send a copy to your accountant or auditor at year end