Time & Attendance

Solex Time & Attendance tools provide a flexible way for you to automate work time records while offering integration with our award winning payroll platform.

For most businesses, tracking the hours worked by employees and translating that into a payroll check can be a big task. Our time and attendance tools replace manual methods of tracking with electronic clocks or internet-based systems. With manual tracking methods, human error, audit costs and lost time can really add up. An average small business can save 1-4% of their annual payroll costs simply by automating their time and attendance. Employees simply swipe an electronic badge, type their “pin” or scan their hand or fingerprint into the clock terminal recording start and end times of their work. They also can use one of our advanced web-based time tools that they can access from their desktops. The data captured can then easily be approved and submitted for payroll processing.

  • A variety of data collection options: The Solex solution works with many time and attendance data collection methods, including web-based, phone, badge and biometric collection points
  • Seamless payroll integration: With Solex, time and attendance data automatically interfaces with the payroll system, eliminating data entry and improving accuracy
  • Customizable rules and policies: Solex enables you to easily manage complex rules for multiple locations and employee groups, including grace periods and multiple rates
  • Secure processing: The Solex solution provides multiple security levels so you can identify administrators while safeguarding highly sensitive data
  • PTO, overtime and tardiness management: Solex provides a way to approve, reject or amend entries quickly and easily; it also automatically calculates PTO accruals and allows employee review
  • Customized solutions for single or multiple locations
  • An end-to-end solution from punch-in to payroll
  • Management Reports
  • Time and Attendance reports
  • Payroll reports
  • Human Resource Reports
  • Labor Cost Reports
  • Accrual/Banking Reports
  • Schedule reports